Bridal Advice

I am frequently being asked similar questions so have put together this new section on the website with some suggestions and advice that I hope you will find useful! We are always happy to help and offer advice where we can so please feel free to contact us directly by email or our Facebook page.

Shopping Day & Appointments

Remember that bridal shops will get busy especially on Saturdays so try and make your appointments a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment. We tend to book at least two weeks in advance at peak seasons.

It's great to have opinions from your friends and family, but too many opinions can be stressful. Trust your own judgement as well as looking to your guests for advice.

In order to feel at your most comfortable bring a strapless bra with you to your appointment, when you have your gown fitted you may decide to not wear one but its best to be relaxed when you are first looking!

Choosing and trying on gowns is a big process and can be tiring, so try not to over do it in a day with too many shops - you may find you "fall out of love" with the shopping experience or make an impulsive snap decision.

Our Appointments

The appointments at The Ivory Wardrobe are two hours long; this allows you and your party a chance to choose the dresses at your leisure and to enjoy the trying on process.

We have a staggered appointment system on Saturdays so you can do your looking in peace, however you will not be the only bride in the shop at your appointment. If you would like to be alone then please consider a weekday appointment or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Recommended Lead Times

Our labels in store all have different delivery lead-times, however we recommend you allow yourself a minimum of between six and eight months when ordering your dress. This will allow for choosing, fitting and altering your dream gown at your pace. It's much more enjoyable with plenty of time and when you can have the "gown ready" box ticked nice and early.

We can, however, cater for shorter lead-times, although the options become more limited.

There is no "too early" when looking but remember that if you fall in love with a gown then it is always best to order to ensure it is not going out of stock in your bridal shop, or worse still discontinued!

Storage & Alteration

At The Ivory Wardrobe we are really happy to be able to offer gown storage right up to the day of your wedding with no additional cost to you. Our alteration service is carried out on site with all the work undertaken on your gown carried out by a professional bridal seamstress. Once alterations are completed you book your chosen collection date and your gown will be prepared and ready to wear on your big day.